Issue 221
December 6 - 12, 2004
Volume 4
page 3

Bankroll for 20x Odds
By Larry Edell

Dear Larry,
Am I allowed to call off my place bets and hard number bets anytime?
Thank you,

Hi, Robert,
Yes, you can call off your place bets and hard way bets anytime. You can also increase or decrease them, and call them off for one or more rolls and then back on again. This is especially useful during comeouts or when dice fly off the table.
Good luck,

Dear Larry,
On the craps table, if someone is coming out for a new point and there are chips on the come or place bets, are they automatically working or are they not working?
Best Regards,

Hi, Eliz,
The come bets and place bets are normally on, however, the dealers usually ask if want to call them (place bets or come odds) off or on before the new come out. If you have only one bet you should call them off. If you have two or more bets you should call them on.
Good luck,

Dear Larry,
I have been playing craps for about a year now. Where I play they offer 20x odds, but I usually only play around 4-5x because that's all I could afford. I now have a backer that is willing to put up all 20x odds. I only play $5 on the pass. What type of bankroll do I need to ensure I don't run out of money? I thought that I read somewhere you should always have 7x your total bet. Is this true?

Hi, Curt,
Actually to bankroll something like that you need 100X your average bet. So, if you bet $5 you need to start with $500. However if you bet $5 with 20X odds you are now a $100 player so you'll need about $10,000. The people that do this never play with their own money; they apply for casino credit. This way the casino lends you the money to play with, and if you emerge with a profit (or just break even) it's a really good deal because you'll end up with a lot of comps in addition to your winnings!
Good luck,

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