Issue 251
July 4 - July 10, 2005
Volume 5
page 3

Tipping Blackjack Dealers
By John Marchel

Blackjack dealers depend on tokes or tips as a big part of their total income. The mechanics of tipping are easy and can also be very important to you as a player.

There are three ways to tip a dealer. One, during the game you can simply push a chip over to the dealer and say "that's for you." Another way is to tip as you leave the game. The third way is to place an additional chip, half in and half out of your betting spot, facing the dealer. It's also a good idea to do it while you are still involved in playing. You now have two wagers at your spot, one being yours and the other for the dealer. On the next round, if you win, you receive chips equal to your bet and more importantly the dealer also gets a win equal to the amount you had placed above your spot. If you should lose the hand, both wagers go into the tray.

Generally, if you win or lose, the dealer will acknowledge and appreciate your effort by saying something like "thanks for the bet" or "thanks for the try". Doing it this way is better because you are trying to establish a working relationship with the dealer. You are now known as a "George", a good player who tips and one who should be taken care of.

How can a dealer take care of you? Sometimes a dealer will deal one more round before shuffling, if the previous rounds have been favorable to you. Other times a dealer might question your action by saying something like "don't you want to split those 8s?" I've also seen dealers hesitate before passing me, indicating he wants me to hit my hand instead of standing, which might be a better move.
The whole idea of tipping this way is to establish a good relationship that results in you and the dealer, facing the house, verses you playing against both the dealer and the house. When playing blackjack you want the dealer on your side, and tipping the correct way will help.

About the Author

John has been a successful casino player for over 25 years. He has played in Europe, Panama, Bahamas, Canada, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Reno, on Indian reservations, cruise ships and in dozens of cities throughout the country. Since 1988 he has combined his vast experience as a manager, teacher and player to present seminars and lectures about gambling all across the US. John has an Internet site at He also publishes The Gaming Bulletin, a monthly Internet gambling newsletter and is the author of 101 Casino Gambling Tips, and the K.I.S.S. Guide to Gambling.


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