Issue 272
November 28 - December 2, 2005
Volume 5
page 3

The Secrets of Controlled Betting
By Larry Edell

Pssst... Wanna know a secret?

How about the secrets of controlled betting?

If you are playing at a craps table and the new shooter is a dice controller, you might want to bet a little differently than you normally would. Many dice controllers hold the dice for ten or 20 rolls compared to the normal five to nine rolls for an average shooter.

Wanna know the secrets that craps pros use to control their betting so they increase their profits with rhythm rollers?

Let's find out!

Over time, an expert shooter develops what is referred to as a signature roll. The easiest way to discover this is to notice what the shooter is betting on. He will probably make a pass line bet and then also buy some numbers, like maybe the 4 and 10. He has to make a pass line bet to shoot, but the 4 and 10 buy bet is somewhat unusual, so he might have a signature. It would be best if you followed his lead and bet in the same manner he does.

Obviously though, he will throw a 7 eventually and you can't leave all of your money up forever, so you need to have a good regression system. The easiest one to use is to start out at your highest bet, and buy the same two numbers the shooter does. Then, just regress the numbers down by one unit after each win until you are at the minimum.

In addition, you can try "pushing the house" to get even a better deal. For example, if you buy the 4 and 10 for $50 you would have to pay $2.50 vig (5% of $50) on each number. Sometimes this is rounded up to $3. Just ask if you can pay $2 before you bet. If the friendly dealer says yes (and he should), then ask if you can buy the 4 and 10 for $58 each and still only pay the $2 (5% of $58 is $2.90) vig.

Now let's say the 4 hits and you win $116. Leave the $58 on the 10 and regress the 4 down to $38, and ask if you can buy it for $38 and only pay $1 vig (5% of $38 is $1.90). If the 4 hits again, you win $76. Leave it at $38 - you can't pay less than $1 vig on a buy bet and if they keep on letting you buy the 4 (and 10) for $38 and only pay $1, then keep on doing it.

Soon, if the 10 starts hitting you will have both the 4 and 10 regressed down to $38. Leave both bets up unless the shooter takes his bets down, or something unusual happens to ruin the shooter's concentration. By regressing your buy bets you will always have something on the table during a hot roll, and after the first win, everything else is pure profit.

If you are an expert shooter yourself, bring your spouse or friend along, and the casino will let him or her take care of your bets while you are concentrating on shooting.

Pssst... Now you know the secret of controlled betting.

About the Author

Larry Edell is the world-renowned expert on the casino game of craps, and his award-winning newsletter, The Crapshooter, has been in publication since 1994. The was launched in September 2000, as the internet property of Larry Edell and Leaf Publishing. Mr. Edell has also published over two hundred different articles in magazines such as Casino Player, Gaming Today, Mid West Players, and Gambling Times.


Books by the Author

Purchase Larry's book, "Make Your Living Playing Craps" available online here.


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