Issue 105
September 9-15, 2002
Volume 3
page 3

Football Books Abound at GBC
By Howard Schwartz

What's often better than buying five different college football magazines to prepare for the college football season? A copy of Chris Dortch's Blue Ribbon College Football Forecast (384 pages, paperbound, $21.95), which contains analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of 117 NCAA Division 1-A teams. Dortch and his staff tear apart college football like no other team of researchers. They look at the coach, his experince and his program. They evaluate returning players, quarterbacks, running backs; wide receivers, tight ends, offensive line, kickers, defensive line, linebackers, defensive backs, punters, and special teams. They delve into how well the team recruited. And they give a grade from A to D on a team's offense, special teams, defense and intangibles.

For those who like to look into the future and try to prepare for it there's a special section on all the bowl games that will be on television and who will be eligible to play.

Dortch and his crew have apparently talked to coaches and scouts; they've culled sports information directors; they've read the printed page. Then, they've drawn all the information they gleaned from these sources together to provide a fine, in-depth preview of which teams will surprise and which will remain stagnant for a variety of reasons. There's no mention of a pointspread anywhere but there's plenty of room to use a highlighter or underline key names-those worth watching for improvement or those on their way eventually to the NFL while noting their impact should they be missing from the starting lineup.

THE NFL RECORD AND FACT BOOK (736 pages, paperbound, $16.95), also available now, has a new look (smaller size), but it's the same solid, intriguing information this year as always. This includes the scores of every NFL game ever played (no spreads or totals here at all); stadium diagrams including an indication of which way is North (for those looking for wind direction as a betting factor); a list of who to call or write for tickets should they exist; team, individual, league, seasonal and lifetime records; pre-season and first-year player rosters; plus a look at every game played last season.

Team coaching histories; Players of the Week and Month for 2001 are listed; longest winning streaks; 2001 cumulative scores by quarters; largest trades in history; Super Bowl summaries; all overtime games; number one draft choices; outstanding individual performers for a game or season are all included.

Wondering about the officials and who wears what number? It's here, along with the hand signals of officials and what they mean; and a digest of key rules. In fact, you'll probably find answer to questions you never though of asking in this

handy tome. Overall a dandy reference book for yourself, a sports talk show host, trivia contest questions or just for a gift item.

Books reviewed here are available from Gambler's Book Shop, 630 South 11th St., Las Vegas, NV 89101. You may call 1-800-522-1777 to order, using MasterCard, VISA or Discover cards, but no American Express. You may see the store's entire catalog via the Internet at or order from that web site. If you'd like, the store will send you a complete 80-page catalog at no charge, first class-just ask. Visit the store when in Las Vegas. It is located a block west of Maryland Parkway just off Charleston Boulevard about two miles from Downtown. It is now in its 38th year of operation.

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