Issue 106
September 23-29, 2002
Volume 3
page 2

$1 Million Game Show Comes to
Las Vegas Looking for TV Audience
With Chance to Win $25,000!!!

LOS ANGELES, CA - "Powerball Instant Millionaire" is looking for television audience members to participate in show tapings at the fabulous Venetian Showroom Sept. 25 and 26.

Audience members can win up to $25,000, while contestants can win up to $1 million!

"Instant Millionaire" is hosted by Todd Newton of E! Entertainment Television and Game Show Network's "Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck." Newton will be available for interviews in studio Monday, Sept. 24 and Tuesday, Sept. 25. He is also available for phone interviews.

"Instant Millionaire" is from the people who bring you Powerball. Contestants are lottery players from around the country who have won trips to Las Vegas and the opportunity to play "Instant Millionaire" for the chance to win $1 million. "Instant Millionaire" is produced by Stewart Television. Tickets are free and available at the Venetian Showroom box office.

August Revenue Drops Baffle Mississippi Casino Officials - TUNICA, MS - /Sun Hearld/ - Casino officials and analysts are baffled by Mississippi’s August revenue figures, which indicate double-digit declines from July’s record winnings and from last August. "I’m shocked by the size of the drop," says Brian Richard, senior research analyst with the Mississippi Gaming Association. Winnings at the 29 state-regulated casinos were $213 million, the worst August since 1998. The Coast's 12 casinos reported a 9 percent drop in revenue from August 2001. Statewide, revenue fell by 10 percent. In comparison, Louisiana's state-licensed casinos reported a 2.4 increase in winnings over the same time. Richard speculated the drop might have been caused by a casino incorrectly reporting its winnings. Casinos submit their gambling revenue figures to the State Tax Commission, which compiles the numbers and releases a report every month. Rich Westfall, senior director of marketing for the Isle of Capri, said the Biloxi resort saw about a 7 percent increase in revenue and gamblers during August. Westfall said the numbers indicate that the Coast casino market hasn't been affected by the Rebel flag controversy. "It seems like our casinos in the rest of the state are holding steady or increasing," he said. "I can't figure out what caused this change."

Park Place Proposes London Casino - LONDON - Park Place Entertainment, the world's most powerful gambling organisation and owner of Caesars Palace, is in talks to open a huge casino at the controversial Millennium Dome site in south London.

Senior officials from Park Place flew into London last month. They were led by Peter George, once chief executive of the British hotels-to-betting combine Hilton Group, now head of Park Place's international division.

George met Anschutz Entertainment Group, which, together with property firm Quintain and Australian retail developer Lend Lease, this year won a 999-year lease on the Dome and surrounding land. It is understood that Anschutz is keen for Park Place to run a casino to complement its plans for a massive hotel, sports and concert venue.

Park Place's interest in the Dome depends on government plans to liberalise restrictive gambling laws. Legislation is expected in the 2003 Queen's Speech.


Santana will performa at the Rain at Palms Hotel Casino on September 29.

Santana was one of the last big acts to emerge from the San Francisco music scene of the '60s, enjoying major success at the end of that decade and into the early '70s.

$100.00 (General admission),
$250.00 (VIP seating)

8:00 p.m.

Reservations Recommended

For more information please call: (866) 725-6773
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