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June 9-15, 2003
Volume 3
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Rio Transforms Cocktail Service Into Entertainment

World Poker Tour TV Series Airs Specials

Binion Expanding to Meet Competition

Vegas-Colorado Flights Added

Indiana Casinos Push for 24 Hour Operation

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Nelly and the St. Lunatics will perform at the Rain at The Palms Resort Casino on June 29, 2003

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Rio Transforms Cocktail Service Into Entertainment

The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.LAS VEGAS - The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas recently introduced an innovative new entertainment concept to its casino floor - one that will transform casino beverage service forever.

The Rio's everyday casino gaming experience has been infused with a new form of energy, excitement and entertainment. It's called BevErtainment(SM), a new concept that marries Las Vegas' most recognizable icons, the cocktail server and the entertainer.

Nearly 100 glamorous entertainers traverse the casino floor not only taking drink orders, but periodically pausing to grace strategically-placed stages for 90-second live performances. Some sing, some dance -- they have their own styles and abilities; yet they all have one thing in common: they serve beverages swiftly, and with a smile.

"It has been fascinating to watch this project unfold and take form," said Tom Jenkin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah's Southern Nevada and the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, "The Rio has a reputation for pioneering new concepts and realizing creative ideas.. BevErtainment is both electrifying and inventive - a winning combination for a Las Vegas casino property."

The 10 stages or, "hot spots," may be found throughout the Rio's casino floor, accessible from every entrance. Each weighs approximately 4,000 pounds, has its own computer processor and state-of-the-art sound and lighting package. When the lights begin to flash and the original musical introduction sounds.. it's time for something exciting to happen.

At this moment, players within a 40-foot radius will have all their senses alerted as they enjoy their individual casino experiences, whether it's playing slots or table games, sitting at one of the Rio's casino bars, or

simply walking the floor, soaking up the atmosphere. And there is plenty of atmosphere to go around.

"Our goal was to create a continuous sequence of entertainment," said Jenkin. "Rio customers expect live action everywhere, all-the-time; yet they also rely on us for truly exceptional service. We are offering that service with an added edge ... a floor show they won't find anywhere else in the world."

BevErtainment lady at Rio!The Rio contracted Dick Foster Productions (producer of the Rio's popular "Masquerade Show in the Sky") to plan and execute the concept. Foster, who works in association with Creative Productions, Inc., auditioned and hired world-class professional entertainers from several cities, wrote and recorded arrangements, choreographed dance routines and designed several glitzy costumes in a manner similar to that of a major Las Vegas
production show.

"We searched the country for individuals with a unique combination of talents," said Foster. "It is difficult to find people who are all at once gifted, enthusiastic, service-oriented and driven to succeed. And here we have 100 of them all together at the Rio."

The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is owned and operated by Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. Founded more than 60 years ago, Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. is the most geographically diversified casino company in the United States, operating 26 casinos under the Harrah's, Showboat, Rio and Harvey's brand names.

World Poker Tour TV Series Airs Specials

WPTSILVER SPRING, MD - How do you celebrate the successful first season of a television show? By giving viewers two new specials. The World Poker Tour series, which airs on the Travel Channel every Wednesday from 9-11 PM ET/PT, announced on June 9th it would air two new programs before the first season culminates with the World Poker Tour Championship on June 25. The two new specials air Sunday, June 22 from 8-11 PM ET/PT, and include the one-hour, The World Poker Tour: A Poker Primer (8-9 PM ET), hosted by actor and poker player Lou Diamond Phillips, and the two-hour, The World Poker Tour: Road to the Championship, (9-11 PM ET/PT).

In World Poker Tour: A Poker Primer, Phillips introduces the show and guides viewers on a proverbial Poker 101. Viewers get the ultimate lowdown on the hottest game in town, from vocabulary and strategy, to bluffing and betting-to-win at no-limit Texas Hold 'Em -- widely heralded as the Cadillac(TM) of tournament poker, and the game featured in the World Poker Tour series. It's the viewers' chance to get the inside scoop -- whether their aspirations are a weekly poker game in the living room, or trying their hand on the professional poker circuit.

"Poker is the definitive test of a person's nerve," said Phillips. "It's exciting, it reveals a lot about how each of us performs under pressure. At the level of the WPT pros, the stakes are huge. But whether you're playing for fun or playing for cold hard cash, there's plenty to learn from World Poker Tour: A Poker Primer."

The second special, The World Poker Tour: Road to the Championship, is a whirlwind recap of a season of poker action featuring the best plays, the greatest bluffs and the toughest breaks -- everything from the incomparable rush of victory to the gut-wrenching agony of defeat. The Road to the Championship features ten million dollars in prize money won on the tour in some of the most dazzling locations around the world. Viewers get a sneak preview of who to watch in the upcoming World Poker Tour Championship and why they're favorites to capture a piece of the more than $2.6 million overall prize pool.

An instant hit, the 13-week World Poker Tour series has been a ratings success for the Travel Channel, quickly becoming the highest-rated programming on the network in 2003. The series combines the best of sports television with the compelling theater of reality TV shows.

Who will bluff their way to the top? Who will cash in all his -- or her -- chips on one last big hand?

Expert analysis, varying camera angles -- including close-ups of the players' hole cards -- bring viewers into the action like no other televised poker in history. The show continues to capture new fans, as well as to captivate many of the nation's 50 million poker enthusiasts. Poker has suddenly become the "hot new trend," and the World Poker Tour is riding the cresting wave of this pop culture phenomenon. Besides Lou Diamond Phillips, Hollywood's hip poker players include Norm MacDonald, Don Cheadle and Meatloaf to name a few.

The World Poker Tour is a joint venture between Steven Lipscomb and Lakes Entertainment, Inc. Steve Lipscomb is the Executive Producer of World Poker Tour and Joe Swift is the Executive-in-Charge for the Travel Channel. Visit World Poker Tour on the Web at World Poker Tour.

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