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January 19 - 25, 2004
Volume 4
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Gambling hall of fame no sure thing for Rose

Mac King Breaks Record at Harrah's Las Vegas

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Storybook casino would aid poorest suburbs

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Britney Spears, one of the world's hottest entertainers performs at the MGM Grand Hotel.

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Gambling hall of fame no sure thing for Rose
As Reported by The USA Today

Pete Rose may never get into baseball's Hall of Fame, but there could be another Hall of Fame that Rose is qualified to enter: the Casino Legends Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

This Hall is located at the Tropicana Resort & Casino, and ever since Rose admitted that he bet on baseball, the hall's curator, Steve Cutler, has been getting a few phone calls to see if Rose qualifies.

The museum portion traces the evolution of gambling in Nevada since it was legalized in 1931. There are 15,000 artifacts on display. And each year a selection committee picks five people to be enshrined in the Hall in six categories, from big-time gamblers to showgirls and entertainers.

Engelbert Humperdinck, the Smothers Brothers and Sammy Davis Jr. are some of the entertainers in the Hall. The enshrined gamblers are Puggy Pearson, Texas Dolly Brunson and Amarillo Slim Preston.

Pearson, whose nickname comes from his pug nose, owns a bus that's named "Rovin' Gambler," which proclaims on the side: "I'll play any man from any land any game he can name for any amount that he can count." And in small print: "Provided I like it."

Brunson, who wrote a book that's considered the bible of poker, is one of four players to win the World Series main event more than once.

Preston, a pool shark, once beat singer Willie Nelson for $300,000 in dominoes.

Rose's chances of joining that crew? "You have to be a gambler who wins a couple of World Series of Poker," Cutler says. "And you have to have an unbelievable reputation as a player in Las Vegas."

Sounds like tough luck for Rose again.

Mac King Breaks Record at Harrah's Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Magician/Comedian Mac King, afternoon headliner at Harrah's Las Vegas qualified to break the world record for the longest game of telephone with 614 participants this week.

David Walch, with the Nevada Department of Weights and Measures was in attendance to verify the number of participants. The Guinness Book of World Records will certify the event as record breaking within 90 days. The record attempt was held at Harrah's and concluded with Mac King's prediction of the final statement on stage with Oli Lewis, the Guinness Book of World Records official.

"It's a mighty fine accomplishment to get this many people out here and play a kindergarten game, and it didn't hurt that Harrah's gave out free gaming chips," said Mac King,

The previous record included 564 participants and was created in March 2003 in Dublin, Ireland.

Local celebrities on hand to cheer Mac on, included Penn & Teller, Clint Holmes, Lance Burton, and Sheena Easton. The Nevada State Department of Weights and Measures and Oli Lewis, a representative from the Guinness Book of World Records, officiated the event. The event will be formally submitted to the main office of Guinness World Book of Records in London.

"Harrah's congratulates Mac King on realizing his life-long dream of breaking a world record on the Las Vegas strip," said Madeleine Weekley, Regional Director of Public Relations/Harrah's.

Mac King's first whisper stated, "Mac King is a comedy magic genius." King predicted the final whisper that was sealed and secured in a locked briefcase prior to the event. When the game concluded, and the final whisper was told to the last participant, the initial prediction was revealed: "Macaroni


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