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February 16 - 22, 2004
Volume 4
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City of Las Vegas To Throw 'The World's Biggest Birthday Party' in 2005

Loose Slot Louie' Takes the Helm at Bally's 'Belle of New Orleans'

Casino Operator Pinnacle Plans to Invest $550 Million in St. Louis Area

Exotic auction attracts a crowd at Casino Aztar Hotel

The 3D gaming mobile phone


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Luciano Pavarotti, the world's most popular opera star, performs at the Caesars Palace.

Putting a Blackjack Dealer on Tilt By John May

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City of Las Vegas To Throw 'The World's Biggest Birthday Party' in 2005

LAS VEGAS-- Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, today announced that throughout 2005, it will throw the biggest and best 100th birthday bash ever - a live entertainment spectacle on par with The Super Bowl, The Academy Awards and The Olympics.

Las Vegas, known for its colorful history, over-the-top image and reputation for delivering never-before-seen entertainment events and experiences has captivated locals and tourists from around the world for nearly 100 years. It has also created great anticipation for its upcoming Centennial Celebration, which will reflect the intrigue and allure of Las Vegas. Key business and community leaders are currently working on the Centennial Celebration Committee to plan a series of one-of-a-kind live events for the community and the city's nearly 36 million yearly visitors, commencing January 1, 2005 and continuing throughout the year.

"Las Vegas is like no other city in the world and when we commemorate our birthday it will be a blockbuster. Through our promotional venture with Clear Channel Entertainment, we will host a birthday party that's bigger and brighter than the neon lights on the Las Vegas Strip!" said Oscar Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas. "The synergy between the city and Clear Channel will ensure that Las Vegas will be the center stage of the world during our celebration."

The celebration will hit a high note during the summer of 2005, when the city ignites amid a major live concert featuring the music industry's hottest acts on the famed Las Vegas Strip - a spectacular that only Las Vegas could deliver to fans around the world. The exclusive event, which also features Vegas superstars and other special performances and appearances, will be broadcast nationally on television and radio and webcast around the globe.

In an effort to produce the most dazzling, memorable experience and capture the grand spirit of the city, Las Vegas has called on Clear Channel Entertainment to produce the Centennial events and experiences, sell integrated sponsorship packages, handle merchandising and licensing and develop Centennial-related television broadcast rights and opportunities.

Loose Slot Louie' Takes the Helm at Bally's 'Belle of New Orleans'

NEW ORLEANS--Bally's New Orleans is doing what no other casino in New Orleans has done before - loosening nearly every slot in the casino by almost 30 percent.

As part of a new marketing campaign featuring the incomparable "Loose Slot Louie," Bally's management is loosening more than 1,000 slots in the company's Louisiana riverboat casino. Only progressives, participation slots and video poker machines - already set for the lowest hold available - have escaped the frenetic Louie's slot-loosening onslaught. The new loose slot policy takes effect on February 20.

"We did some extensive research and found out that what people really want is to play longer on their favorite machines," said Steve Rosen, senior vice president of marketing for Caesars Entertainment, Inc., Bally's corporate parent.

"Our customers want their dollars to go further, and we're enabling them to do just that by loosening our slot machines across the board by nearly 30 percent. Giving everyone more time to play and a better chance to win is what this is all about," Rosen added.

Delivering Bally's new message will be "Loose Slot Louie," a unique spokesman for the benefits of high slot payback, who is destined to become the buzz of New Orleans with his bright orange suit and energetic personality. Louie will be featured in a major new marketing campaign that will include television spots, billboards and in-house advertising throughout the casino. The television ads will begin airing today.

"Winning is fun. Loose Slot Louie is fun. We want to make sure that guests from the Westbank to Kenner to Uptown, including the Northshore, know that for winning fun and excitement, Bally's New Orleans is the place to be," said Bally's General Manager Roscoe Greene.

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