Issue 22
February 7 - 13, 2001
Volume 1
page 3

Valentine's Day Gifts for Gambling Lovers
By Howard Schwartz

Candy's great; flowers often do the trick, but if you want to give a lasting gift for Valentine's Day, here are some suggested books that will do the trick. This list is a combination of new arrivals at Gambler's Book Shop and some popular items worthy of adding to a sweetheart's card:

Craps-Secrets of Professionals by Pascal is a 1988 work, which disappeared from bookshelves for several years, but Gambler's Book Shop found a hidden cache of them recently and so they're back in stock. The 30-page (8x11-sized) paperbound is written by a crapshooter for shooters. It contains 30 betting systems and angles, covers some of game's basics, but for the most part caters to the player looking for a variety of plays by which to spice up his or her game. It's a $14.95 book. There's one warning though-whenever author Pascal (not his real name) recommends anything on a progressive basis-for instance when he says bet $50 or $100 or even higher-back off to a lesser amount. Few people walk up to the crap tables with bankrolls as large as Pascal suggests. Other than that, this is an interesting, reasonably priced book for serious shooters.

If you like to gossip, to "tsk-tsk" about hookers, crooked politicians, corrupt rich and famous of all generations and sexes, plus assorted conmen, murderers and Ponzi-like characters throughout history, it's all in The New Encyclopedia of American Scandal by George Kohn (455 pages, paperbound, $24.95). Illustrated and indexed, this is an excellent resource for everyone from trivia buffs to potential quiz show contestants. It'll be a handy reminder that behind many great fortunes sits a great crime, and all the glitz, glitter and glamour of Hollywood, sports and high society often can't hide the seamy side of life.

Jay Privman, one of the top turf writers in America, has written the text for a marvelous history of one of the great annual events in thoroughbred racing, The Breeder's Cup. In fact that's the title of his book-Breeder's Cup: Thoroughbred Racing's Championship Day. The 200-page hardbound (coffee-table format) sells for $50. The colorful photos and descriptions of the races, their highlights and background on the horses, owners and trainers make this a fine history

book and reference source. It also lists the time of each winner in every race and the odds. It's a book for anyone who loves throughbreds, whether they bet on them or not.

Anyone who's been a visitor to casinos in Nevada, Atlantic City or elsewhere over the years has occasionally returned home with an oddball chip in his pocket or her purse. Or maybe you found one of your father's chips in an old trunk or stumbled on one at a swap meet and wondered what it might be worth as a collector's item. Of course the older and more mysterious the origins of a chip, the more likely the obscurity adds to its rarity It's not easy to ask at times-or to find someone who knows-especially in a city or town where gambling doesn't exist or where you'd rather not be knows as one who gambles.

Thus, the perfect resource-The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide by James Campiglia and Steve Wells comes into the picture. The 396-paperbound ($29.95) was revised only six months ago-and it contains valuable material on collecting, determining the grade of a chip, its rarity, where to write to, what to join if you're a serious collector and how to be alert for counterfeits. In addition, it's a bit of a history book, with colorful photos (many from postcards) of the old-time establishments.

The chips are in color, with denominations, type of mold, inlay and inserts indicated and an indication of the level of rarity. Atlantic City, Nevada, Colorado, Deadwood, South Dakota, and riverboats in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi and Missouri are listed.

Books listed in this review/article are available from Gambler's Book Shop, 630 South 11th St., Las Vegas, NV 89101. Call 800-522-1777 from 9 to 5 Pacific Time, Mon.-Sat. and use a MasterCard, VISA or Discover card. Books are shipped the next working day. Ask for a free catalog of books as well, whether you order or not. The 80-page catalog lists 1,000 different books and computer software for players and management. You may view the store's website at and order as well.

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