Issue 38
May 29 - June 4, 2001
Volume 1
page 3

Pachinko Machines in the Casino? You Bet!
By Howard Schwartz

Years ago there was a short-lived craze over the game of pachinko in the United States. People were buying up the pin-ball type machines for fantastically high prices and collectors were ferreting out old ones to put aside for what they thought would be sky-high prices in the future. The fad faded, however, pachinko went back to its origins and now most of those remaining games are gathering dust in cellars, attic and collectible shops.

Now, however, it appears as if the game of pachinko will soon be offered in casinos and executives who are thinking about passing or accepting the new game for their floor space should first take a look at Pachinko and the Japanese Society by Ichiro Tanioka (146 pages, hardbound, 2001).

In Japan, where gambling on pachinko is theoretically illegal, it's estimated that 30 million people break the law in what amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue annually! It's a sociological phenomenon that the author discusses in detail, prefacing it with information about social isues, revenue data, and motivational analysis (why the craze). Next, he moves to the allure of the game, examining family culture and religion, upbringing, psychological environment and other factors such as age, denial and social hierarchy.

In the third chapter covering Pachinko as Business, Tanioka studies the Japanese gambling market and the effects on local economy. He follows that with an indepth analysis of the legal issues including regulation, control and legal reform.

Finally, the author analyzes the Japanese gambling market and uses comparisons between pachinko and American casinos.

Tanioka is the president of Osaka University of Commerce, Japan and holds a doctoral degree in sociology, specializing in gambling and gambling research. His main purpose for writing the book is to uncover the reasons why so many Japanese are obsessed with this game and in accomplishing that end, he has given others great insight into the lure of pachinko.

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