Issue 45
July 17 - 23, 2001
Volume 1
page 3

Las Vegas Pro Football Bettor's Guide
A Book That Tells You Who'll Win Each Week in NFL

By Howard Schwartz

the scores of every NFL game to be played during 2001 in the NFL�even before the season starts. And as a �bonus,� how would you like to know what the spread and totals would be from Game No. 1 to the Super Bowl? You say �plenty!�? Well, it�s only $19.95. The title of the book is the Las Vegas Pro Football Bettor�s Guide (2001 Edition), it�s done by Patrick James Forsythe (58 pages, paperbound), and it should make for interesting buzz this season.

The author, who�s been entering the Las Vegas Hilton pro football contest for several years and finishing respectably, has his own theory about how to handicap the entire season�and he explains it all in one page, especially the part about injuries and how to evaluate them and compensate for key players lost for the game.

I know. You�re thinking: �If this guy�s right, someone is going to get very rich and some bookmakers and bet-takers are going to be very low on money by season�s end.� There are infinite possibilities here�both good and bad. If the author is very right, he�s going to be very rich. If he�s wrong, and for a sustained period, he�s going to be very broke and so are his followers. Yet less than eight weeks before the regular pro football season begins, who�s to know? Maybe if he�s right, everyone should have a copy to get on the bandwagon early. If he�s terrible, the trick would be to go the opposite way week after week, betting the reverse of his picks.

Can an individual handicap the entire NFL season without knowing the pointspreads and totals as early is mid-July, when the season doesn�t get underway in earnest until September? Good question.

In the 2l years I�ve been at Gambler�s Book Shop I�ve heard of only one other individual who claimed he could do such a thing�bet without knowing the spreads (only the schedule counted). Maybe there�s some validity to this. The late Huey Mahl once claimed that the spread as a factor was overrated and often misused by most bettors. He believed if a team was going to win, that�s all you had to handicap, since few teams, on a weekly basis won yet failed to cover. It was an interesting theory, and one still honored by a certain segment of bettors who don�t like their handicapping too complicated with power ratings; home field advantage; the weather and motivation as factors to mull over carefully.

The author, who has been betting football for 15 years and who is employed at a Las Vegas Strip hotel (not in the sports book) at present, does suggest the lines and Totals he supplies for the entire season be adjusted to for a special injury priority list he presents, which he rates from very important to least important, by position. You�ll have to buy the book to review his rationale and logic, but he seems to make sense of it all.

I suggested the author not print thousands of copies. He listened and did about 100. This is a �let�s see what happens� type of book. It�s already selling � because if Forsythe is even semi-hot in Week No. 1 of the regular season,

everyone will make some very strong moves in Week 2 and they won�t want to waste time getting down.

No book can guarantee it will make an individual a winner. If the author is right on target, he�ll be a very rich man by season�s end. If he�s semi-hot, he�ll make a profit. If he�s very wrong, life will go on and many get a laugh out of it.

He does show you (on page 27 of his book) who he sees meeting in the Super Bowl, what the line and total will be, and what the final score will be. He also bought a $100 future book ticket on the team he picks to win it all with a 12-4 regular season record, and shows proof of the ticket reproducing it on that page.

I�m as curious as you are as to whether this will be the �bomb of the season� or the �hit of the season.� In some way, I hope it�s at least half-way positive�the man put a lot of effort into this book.

The book is available from Gambler�s Book Shop, 630 South 11th St., Las Vegas, NV 89101, for $19.95 plus $6.50 postage. Use MasterCard, VISA or Discover and call 1-800-522-1777 from 9 to 5 Pacific time, Monday through Saturday. Ask for a free catalog of 1,000 other books�including those on football betting, computer software and videos. It will be sent free, first class. Or view the store�s website at where you may also order any book.

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