Issue 60
October 30 - November 5, 2001
Volume 2
page 3

Need Past Spreads And Totals For Hoops?
By Howard Schwartz

Killer Sports NBA Annual (150 pages, 8x11 plastic spiralbound, $29.95) from Ed Meyer of MTi Sports Forecasting and Jim Feist's 2001-2002 Basketball Preview (280 pages, magazine format, $6.99) have just arrived at Gambler's Book Shop and each has the handicapper looking for past years results, spreads and totals (pros only for totals). And the Feist magazine has something that handicappers have been clamoring for over and over and over.

The Killer Sports book offers three years of NBA spreads and totals, indicating the date the game was played; the final score; the line; the actual total; the margin by which a team covered or failed to cover and the margin by which a team went over or under the established total number. This is the kind of useful material a player needs to form theories about how particular teams will perform in the future. But for those who don't want to do the actual research, the folks at Killer Sports have researched the data and come up with instant results. So, for each NBA team there are about 100 trends, some going back to the 1995 season. You can find trends in a summary form in more than two dozen situations. Sample trends for Atlanta shows the Hawks are 1-9 against the spread since 1996 when their next game is away versus the Cleveland Cavaliers; since 1998 they are 8-10 against the spread as an away favorite.

The book includes several articles that include discussions of betting the side-total parlay and betting NBA futures. It also looks at hot trends from the previous season. The book does include 2001-2002 schedules for each team.

Feist's work is a big asset for those who want analysis of pro and colleges teams using spread data-including the BIG plus mentioned earlier--FIVE YEARS OF COLLEGE RESULTS AND SPREADS, in addition to last year's history for the NBA. What's more, you will find it at a remarkably reasonable price ($6.99) in this magazine. Here you can easily see if a team streaked in its ability to cover the spread or continually failed to cover. If a team was playing in a tournament, it is listed, along with the location of the games played. For the colleges, the magazine lists projected rosters, including uniform number; height, weight, year and hometown of each player. Also itemized are the team's strengths and weaknesses; a general outlook and a quick glance at the centers, guards and forwards. Feist analyzes major conference with predicted finishes as well.

Predictions for the NBA are included. We know the Lakers will be there, but it may surprise you to know who the editors picked for their opponent in the Championships.

Both resources reviewed here are available at Gambler's Book Shop, 630 South 11th St., Las Vegas NV 89101. Order by toll-free number (1-800-522-1777) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time, using MasterCard, VISA or Discover (no American Express accepted), Monday through Saturday. Or send the store a check or money order, adding $6.50 for postage. You may see order at the store's web site at or view the store's 80-page catalog on the web site. Or ask for the 80-page catalog, which is free and contains 1,000 different books, software and videos in 30 areas of gambling including sports betting.

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