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March 10-16, 2003
Volume 3
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Travel Channel to Premiere 3 Gaming Network Series

Iowa Casino Ship Opens

Yahtzee Slots Come to Mississippi

North Carolina Bill Proposes Vegas Style Gambling

Vegas Hotel-Casino Opens Tribute to Victims of Sept. 11 Attacks

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Ann-Margret will appear at the Hollywood Theatre in MGM Grand Hotel Casino March 27 - April 2, 2003

How Important Are Small Details at the Blackjack Table?

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Travel Channel to Premiere 3 Gaming Network Series

SILVER SPRING, MD - The Travel Channel is holding an Opening Night on Sunday, March 30, from 7-11 p.m. ET/PT, where it will launch three first-ever series on the network. The evening will kick off with the first two-hour episode of Travel Channel's new series, the World Poker Tour at 7 p.m. ET/PT; followed at 9 p.m. ET/PT with back-to-back half-hour episodes of the new reality series, The Jim Rose Twisted Tour; and will culminate with a new one-hour episode of TV Road Trip to launch its new Road Trip series at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The World Poker Tour series consists of 13 nationally-televised poker events filmed in casinos around the world, and features the best poker players in the world as they vie for multi-million dollar prize pools. The World Poker Tour, will air regularly on the Travel Channel Wednesday nights from 9 - 11 p.m. ET/PT beginning Wednesday, April 2, features expert analysis and varying camera angles. Best of all, viewers will get close-ups of the players' hands and sneak peeks of the hole cards, creating a new element of high-stakes, high-anxiety excitement. The 13-episode series reaches its exciting conclusion with the season's grand finale, The World Poker Tour Championship, which has a $25,000 participant entry fee and features winners from all the poker competitions throughout the 13 tournament season, competing to become the world's best
poker player.

The Jim Rose Twisted Tour will air regularly on Monday evenings from 10-11 p.m. (ET/PT), beginning March 31. This reality series captures the exploits and escapades of life on the road with the world's most unusual troupe of performers, The Jim Rose Circus. Cameras give a behind-the-scenes look at what happens off the stage

between these unique characters, and the interesting and unusual happenings that transpire as the performers travel on their tour bus across America. Along the way, Jim and his touring band of gypsies look for the eccentric and just plain weird on their "odyssey of the odd." Viewers see the tensions build and tempers flare as everyone must deal with the quintessential differences that make their talents -- and lifestyles -- so unique. These characters, their personalities, and their life together on the road is the focus of the Travel Channel's The Jim Rose Twisted Tour.

On the heels of last year's highly successful TV Road Trip special, Travel Channel broadens the genre with a new Road Trip series that maps out an entire season of memorable, globe-hopping, nostalgic tours tailored especially for TV fans, movie buffs, sports enthusiasts, magic mavens, ghost busters and much more. No ordinary by-the-book tours, these genre-specific journeys are populated by a mix of unforgettable personalities who breathe life into each destination, from The Love Boat's Gavin "Captain Stubbing" MacLeod, to American Graffiti's Candy "Debbie" Clark, to Baltimore Orioles' "Ironman" Cal Ripken. Noted celebrities take viewers for the ride, including Christopher Knight, host of TV Road Trip; Kevin Pollak, host of Movie Lover's Road Trip; and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, host of Haunted Road Trip and Theme Park Road Trip. The new Road Trip series will air regularly on Thursday nights from 10 - 11 p.m. ET/PT, and will begin with two one-hour premieres of Movie Lover's Road Trip, on Thursday, April 3, from 9 - 11 p.m. ET/PT.

Iowa Casino Ship Opens

/Sioux City Journal/ - SIOUX CITY, IA – Jesus Aviles took a gamble on Sioux City's riverboat casino. It paid off, and may pay off more.

When Aviles came to Sioux City as the casino's general manager 17 months ago, he saw a nice-enough riverboat floating next to a not-so-nice barge with some trailers on it. He knew the look had to go. So he went to his board and asked for $6 million to build on the barge, moving the corporate and training offices there, building a new restaurant and making the scenery more attractive. The board balked at him. "I whined like a baby and said, 'give me money',” Aviles teased.

Argosy Casino Cioux City logoThey went ahead with the project. The referendum easily passed in November 2002. Now Argosy Casino Sioux City is ready to officially open the new addition on March 1st and kick off a week of celebration.

The 22,000-square-foot barge addition, besides featuring a new restaurant, party room, guest services and coat check, will also house the casino's corporate offices and training space. The entire project is about 95 percent complete. The office space, training area and employee lounge should be completed yet this month.

"I sit here and I think this is great," Aviles said, drinking a cup of coffee in the restaurant. "We've made our employees more comfortable and our customers more comfortable."

The total project costs are expected to be more than $6 million, Aviles said. An unexpected expense when the project started in May was rocks from the bank that slid under the barge. The company spent $100,000 to dredge under the barge before construction started.

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