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May 24 - 30, 2004
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Harrah's to Deliver $1 Million to Customer's Door

LAS VEGAS - Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company have joined forces to develop "Winning Will Find You," a promotion that awards $1 million* to a lucky prizewinner. A complement to Coca-Cola's "Unexpected Summer" promotion, "Winning Will Find You" incorporates an enhanced prize pool developed exclusively for Harrah's customers.

Coca-Cola will produce 21 specially designed soft drink cans for Harrah's that are equipped with GPS tracking chips and insert them into 12-pack containers of Coca-Cola classic. Those cans will be among the 261,000 12-packs delivered to Harrah's owned, operated and managed casinos participating in "Winning Will Find You." Each property is guaranteed to receive one GPS $25,000 can.**

Coca-Cola 12-packs will be awarded to customers at each participating casino through local promotional means. The recipients of the 21 specially designed Harrah's GPS cans are guaranteed to each win $25,000. Six additional customers -- one each at Harrah's Reno, Harrah's Atlantic City, Harrah's Lake Tahoe, Harrah's New Orleans, Harrah's Rincon and Showboat Atlantic City -- will win $25,000 by receiving 12-packs containing a shrink-wrapped can of Coca-Cola.

Once the winners of the $25,000 GPS and shrink-wrapped cans are identified, their names will be included in a separate, random drawing to determine a $1 million winner. Harrah's will surprise the $1 million winner on August 31 by delivering the prize to his or her location.

"Harrah's is the only casino company in the world with the distribution and marketing acumen to execute a promotion of this magnitude," said Ginny Shanks, Harrah's senior vice president of acquisition marketing. "By leveraging our relationship with The Coca-Cola Company, we have created a unique promotion that will reward our existing players and help introduce our casinos to new customers who enjoy Coca-Cola's many popular brands."

The "Winning Will Find You" promotion launches at participating Harrah's casinos on May 31 and runs through August 8, though start and end dates may vary at some properties. In addition to the winners who each receive $25,000 and a chance to win $1 million, thousands of Harrah's customers will win prizes ranging from Coca-Cola merchandise to DVD players to $1,000 in cash during the "Winning Will Find You" promotion.

No play is required to participate in "Winning Will Find You." Eligibility verification is required before "Winning Will Find You" prizes are awarded and entry into the $1 million drawing is made.

"Coca-Cola is pleased to make its innovative GPS can technology available to Harrah's for this extraordinary promotion," said Steven Schiller, Group Director, Coca-Cola Brand Business Unit, Coca-Cola North America. "Harrah's is known for creating excitement on the casino floor. Coca-Cola is hoping to create some additional `unexpected moments' their customers will remember forever."

The Harrah's "Winning Will Find You" promotion is a special extension of Coca-Cola's nationwide "Unexpected Summer" promotion***, which will be in market now through July 12. Through the "Unexpected Summer" promotion, people can win an all-new 2005 Chevy Equinox if they receive an Unexpected Summer GPS can in their 12-pack. A total of 100 GPS cans will be available across the United States in participating outlets as part of this nationwide effort.

Poker Tournament Breaks Records

LAS VEGAS - The world's richest sporting event keeps getting richer - and so do its champions.

The winner of this year's World Series of Poker World Championship event, which began on May 22, will walk out of Binion's Horseshoe Casino on May 28 with an estimated $4.5 million in cash. But the top finisher of the No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em event won't be the only millionaire that day: based on this year's record participation, the first four finishers will each win $1 million or more. The top 180 finishers will receive prize money in excess of $10,000.

The mammoth payouts will come from a total prize pool of more than $41 million, a new poker tournament world record. Last year's World Series of Poker tournament prize money was just under $22 million, and 2003 World Champion Chris Moneymaker won a top prize of $2.5 million.

And while this year's prize money is unprecedented, so is the number of people vying for the huge stacks of cash that have made the World Series of Poker the most prestigious event of its kind.

Poker players from all over the globe have plunked down the $10,000 it takes to compete in the world's most prestigious poker tournament. Hundreds more have won a place in the event through a variety of qualifying tournaments called satellites.

In all, 2,000 players are expected to go for the tournament's top prize, and a total of 10,462 have already played in this year's first 32 World Series of Poker events. Both numbers represent record participation for a live poker tournament.

"The response has been astounding," said Howard Greenbaum, a World Series of Poker tournament executive. "All of the top players from around the globe are here, and more rising stars are arriving every day. There's no question the 35th Annual World Series of Poker will be the greatest poker event ever organized."

The World Championship Event which began on May 22 at 1 p.m. and will continue daily through May 28, when the winner of the coveted World Series of Poker gold bracelet is expected to be decided around midnight.

The World Series of Poker was hosted for the first time in 2004 by Harrah's Entertainment, Inc., which purchased the rights to the tournament earlier this year.

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